KC's Award Winning
& World Renowned Team
While dabbling in magic and juggling in his teenage years, Peyton decided to round out his skills by learning some simple balloon animals and quickly took to latex manipulation like a fish to water.  With his great rapport with children and tongue-in-cheek humor for the adults to enjoy, he quickly became a family favorite around Kansas City for many years as a "twisted" entertainer at all types of events, both private and corporate.  
Now certified in all things balloons, Peyton has taken his flair for color, whimsy, and attention to detail to create amazing large-scale sculptures and event decor.  He uses his experience and know-how to make balloons that astonish and amaze, making your event a memorable one.
Always being supportive of Peyton's balloon career, Darren began to learn some decor techniques of his own to help with bigger builds once the business started to grow.  Having an artistic eye of his own, Darren became a big fan of his new medium and has created some large sculptures ( his favorites include over-sized food).

Benefitting from being new to the industry, Darren was able to learn and adapt to new organic techniques at a rapid pace and has also taken Fantasy Flowers ( which he has deemed "Forever Flowers")  to a new level. 

Darren's new perspective and creativity are a great asset to any project we tackle and is always sure to put his 2 cents in!
Fresh outta college and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Tim joined the team with the drive to take us to the next level! Sure enough, we are growing in the direction we all had hoped!  Able to pick up new techniques with ease, and always one-step ahead, he has earned the nick-name "Twisted Tim", also striving to keep our social media presence fresh and exciting!

On their first outing as a team, Tim and Darren were able to sweep the competition at the Qualatex Mystery Box Tour Challenge, right here in Kansas City.  HIs competitive nature has kept our company moving forward, and cutting edge, to ensure our place in the international balloon arena. 
Josh was about 8 when he started taking notice of his older brother Peyton's balloon twisting.  He became a great assistant at home, helping to sort balloons, learning some basic figures, even coming to an occasional event to make things for kiddos his own age and older!

When things started taking off for Pop Culture Sculptures, we knew just the person to call to join the twisting team, and his repertoire is now vast and ever growing! (But still gives Peyton a chance to heckle his little brother as often as possible!)

He's always had a knack for being a great mentor to adoring nieces, nephews, and cousins, with his extensive knowledge of all things animated, superhero, and video gaming.  He's taken that skill and applied it towards making balloons feel magical for kids of all ages!  Now a father himself, he always goes the extra mile to ensure every family has memories for a lifetime!